Default language can be set on your project settings.

To use the Web SDK please install the snippet first.

It can be overridden by using:

getComplied.lang = 'en-GB'

When the popup is closed. Next time that is opened, it will change to the chosen language.

Available language codes:

Country code

German Austria - de-AU

German Switzerland - de-CH

German - de-DE

German Liechtenstein - de-LI

German Luxembourg - de-LU

English United Kingdom - en-GB

English United States - en-US

Spanish Argentina - es-AR

Spanish - es-ES

French Belgium - fr-BE

French Canada - fr-CA

French Switzerland - fr-CH

French - fr-FR

French Luxembourg - fr-LU

French Monaco - fr-MC

Portuguese Portugal - pt-PT

Portuguese Brazil - pt-BR

Romanian Romania - ro-RO

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