Introduction 👋

Welcome to GetComplied! Get familiar with the GetComplied products and explore their features:

What is GetComplied

GetComplied is the most powerful and flexible software for you to comply with the GDPR EU rules. Whenever you create a website, an app, a portal, a landing page, or a software, the GetComplied mission is to provide the most efficient solution to help you comply with the law.
Snippet Example
The following code is a test example of the snippet. So you can see how it looks like in your website.
c.cp = c.cp || function() {
(c.cp.q = c.cp.q || []).push(arguments)
c.getComplied = { callback: {}, command: function(){}, settings: { cpid: 0, cpsv: 1 }};
l = o.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
y = o.createElement('script');
y.async = 1;
y.src = m + p + c.getComplied.settings.cpsv;
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