Here you can create Policies to let your clients know what information your company collects and why, and how they can update, manage, export, and delete their information.

To use this feature you need a pro plan

To start create a new policy

1. Document – It’s the name you give the file.

It’s not the title, it’s just a name for you to be able to identify the Policy.

2. Title – It’s what people will see as the title of your Privacy Policy when GetComplied pops up on your website.

3. Content – It’s the Privacy Policy itself. Here you’ll include a detailed text to inform users about your policies.

Each legal document needs to be edited individually. If you have, for example, Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions, you need to create two separate files.

4. Language – It’s the language(s) used on your website. If you want to include policies in multiple languages, you have to edit one policy at a time. (ex. Select English and add the English version, select French and add the French version of the text)

5. Consent is required – This is where you decide if users have to accept your policy in order to navigate through your website. If so, you need to turn that option ON. If you want your policy to be only informational, leave as it is.

When you finish Editing, you can click on “Save” and “Publish”.

Then, on the Policies section, you’ll be able to verify and manage your list of Privacy Policies.

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